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Kylie Minogue’s 10th studio album has landed and you can pick your copy of the fabulous diverse album from our FlyKM Shop or your local music sellers.  The Album is out worldwide with the excpetion of America which should expect the album in February.

Already the copies have been flying off the shelves.  Kylie signed copies in Paris at launch and Woolworth’s in the UK has placed the album at #1 instore. Reports from Australia suggest the album should debut at #1 next week.  The Album comes in two flavours, your regular 13 track album and a special edition bundled with a DVD containing an interview with Kylie and White Diamond Trailer.

The songs range from your dance perfect ‘Wow’ to your glam rock ‘2 Hearts’ and your more contemplative ‘No More Rain’ and ‘Cosmic’!  The words are suggestive but powerful.  Meaning is hidden inside the album that some may fail to garnish such as the line “Stars don’t shine in singular places” in ‘Stars’.  It is an album that conquers breast cancer not by giving you life’s secret but saying that it can’t defeat you and that you can be sexy again.  It shows Kylie enjoying life and and this album with give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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