Anastacia Resurrection


Anastacia is back! She disappointed fans last year when her album was put on hold for dealing yet again with breast cancer. But the album is resurrected.

Quite literately. Resurrection is out in May. What I love about Anastacia is that unique voice, that always only takes but one line to instantly know its her. Former hits include I’m Outta Love, Paid My Dues, One Day In Your Life, and Left Outside Alone

Anastacia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and battled the disease again last year. She joins fellow pop artists Kylie Minogue and Olivia Newton John in surviving the disease.

“Writing songs helps pull you past the dark moments,” Anastacia says. “Just being able to speak my story is a great help. ‘Stupid Little Things’ is about trying not to over think everything to make it much bigger than it is. For me it’s about: don’t focus on the small stuff!”


Disc: 1

1. Staring At The Sun

2. Lifeline

3. Stupid Little Things

4. I Don’t Want To Be The One

5. Evolution

6. Pendulum

7. Stay

8. Dark White Girl

9. Apology

10. Broken Wings

Disc: 2

1. Other Side Of Crazy

2. Oncoming Train

3. Resurrection

4. Left Outside Alone (Part 2)

Anastacia Resurrection

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