It is not about age!

Kylie Minogue sparked a small controversy recently over comments she directed about Madonna’s latest MDNA tour. The negative comments were about her flashing her boob at a recent concert and the style of a particular majorette or cheerleader outfit.

Madonna fans instantly started lashing out at Kylie. Some accused her of ageism. The fact is the comments were nothing about age, but were exclusively about the action of flashing a boob and one single bad fashion choice. Kylie Minogue herself has admitted to many fashion faux pas over the years. And Janet Jackson was universally ridiculed for her wardrobe malfunction that ended up flashing her boob.

No, ageism is refusing to buy a song no matter how excellent because of her age. MDNA failed because of poor material. Before the Super Bowl, I commented to a friend that it was her chance to reinvent herself. She didn’t. The same old trick relying ultimately on sex and controversy to sell herself. In fact she is famously known for her sex book. Joan Rivers, part of the TV show Fashion Police where Kylie was a guest, even alluded that it was time for Madonna to reinvent herself.

Some will scream,” well see… it is about age.” Well no its not. I generally don’t look for sex from people much older than me, If I’m looking I’m probably attracted to people that are my age or no matter their age look attractive to me. Ageism isn’t about sex. It is about using your age against you. Madonna can’t expect her sexual appeal to still sell. Just like she can’t expect the same old tired old religious controversies to make people upset. It goes both ways… Madonna chasing after a boy toy is exactly her showing her attractions but refusing to believe it goes both ways. This is not about us fixating about Madonna’s age. It is a fixation of how she looks and how she uses outfits that degrade rather than improve her looks. Madonna chooses to be in a business about looks and has made her imagery a hallmark of her career, probably taking more control of her imagery than any other pop artist before her.

But I’ll end with the bitter fans, those who for years have dished out criticism against Kylie, and now against Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Grow up. You can criticize, I can criticize as well. Nothing I can say can take away from Madonna’s legacy. Neither can anything you say take away from Kylie’s success.

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