Apple Is A Bully

Apple is a bully.  Yes that's rights.  Today, the Apple v Samsung case reached a jury verdict of just over 1 billion dollars in favor of Apple.  The main points were that Samsung had breached Apple's trade dress and patents concerning 'bounce back' and 'pinch to zoom.'

It is not about age!

Kylie Minogue sparked a small controversy recently over comments she directed about Madonna’s latest MDNA tour. The negative comments were about her flashing her boob at a recent concert and the style of a particular majorette or cheerleader outfit.


Microsoft stunned the world when it announced for the first time in its history it would manufacture its own personal computers.  But can the Surface family of tablets take on the iPad?  Can it give Windows 8 with Metro the edge?


Apple has been pushing out a new display technology.  First in the iPhone 4, then the current iPad and now in the new MacBook Pro.  Is Apple's new Macbook Pro with Retina all its set out to be?


Kylie Minogue is celebrating 25 years in the industry this year, dubbed K25.  As part of the celebrations, each month has a surpise for fans.  This month it was an explosion with her newest single Timebomb.


The amount of hatred spewed every day is absolutely amazing. Comments are left on blogs and Facebook. Terrorists and national leaders and even American nominees for President are in on the game. People refusing to share the world they live in, hell bent on revenge, and just pure evil.

Proud Of Obama

Wow!  It really came as a surprise to me.  But I’ve never been prouder of an American President.  It is not that I doubted his support, but he put aside politics to do the right thing.

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