Dressed To Kill

Yes, she is dressed to kill.  She is still here, better than ever.  Hot off the heels of her best charting solo album ever, still the ultimate diva, she is Cher.

On Immigration

There continues to be a lot of discussion about comprehensive immigration reform.  Unfortunately the discussion has turned to how it won't pass based on detractors myths and pushes for a piecemeal rather than comprehensive approach.  Let me show you how they are just plain wrong.

Mercedes-Benz Firsts

In 1886, Carl Benz invented the automobile.  But do you think Mercedes quit inventing there?  No, the innovation continued with features we take for granted in all our automobiles, regardless of the brand.


If you don't support marriage equality. You are a bigot. You support discrimination and you support treating others unfairly.


Anastacia is back! She disappointed fans last year when her album was put on hold for dealing yet again with breast cancer. But the album is resurrected.

Number Ones

In celebration of Kylie's latest number one album, Kiss Me Once, here are her number ones in either Australia or the United Kingdom!

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