Why you should not buy a new MacBook

Apple announced their latest MacBook this past week. And while I think that the design is gorgeous, the rest leaves much to be desired. Matching your iPhone with gold, silver, or space grey does sound enticing. Unfortunately you are better off getting just about anything else.


I always find it interesting that people are against big government.  Just the idea of big government is enough to create revolt in some people’s mind and is blamed for everything that is wrong with our countries.

Music of 2014

I live and breathe music.  I’ve been searching for a track all year… it briefly appeared on my radar as a free track, too good to be a free track, but a free track.  However before I could download the track was pulled with no clues about why.

Winter Solstice 2014

Time to say goodbye.  Sometimes we rush to say goodbye, other times we savour the moment.  But the day has come and we must move on.  Renewed and strengthened, we start afresh. 

Red Light Cameras

What’s the big deal?  Do you think it is okay to go through a red light?  You probably have concerns about it being about revenue.  I guess we could throw people in jail?  Seriously, no!  You claim they have timed the lights.

Apple Pay

I love technology.  The progression, the moving forward, the excitement of change.  It doesn't scare me, it excites me.  Makes me feel like a little boy, dreaming about what could be.

So I Switched

So I recently got an iPhone 6, Space Grey 128GB.  After having used Windows Phone on my HTC HD7, Nokia Lumia 710, and most recently my cyan Nokia Lumia 920 some of you might be surprised.  Well for one, I did get the light blue silicone case for the iPhone, so don’t be too surprised.  Probably the biggest reasons for me was apps.  But otherwise feature wise, they line up quite closely.   In fact take a look at my Siri vs Cortana video.

Standing By Israel

On the face of it, it certainly can be hard to stand by Israel.  There are hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians including children dead.  And Israel has the power to immediately stop further Palestinian suffering.  However, I still stand by Israel.

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