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Travel today has steadily gotten worse with search, interrogations, and declining attention to customers.  In the aftermath of terrorist attacks on 11.09.2001 the airline industry has become more about sustaining profits and following government mandated security regulations.  But sometimes the worst terror is not by a terrorist but follows the lack of communication and general safety and common sense regulations.

Catch You

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a mixture of pop, indie, and disco.  Refreshing, Electro, and Pure Pop are words that can describe her music.  Her first ablum reached #2 in the UK, and now is set to release her third ablum entitled 'Trip the Light Fantasic' in May.  Her single 'Catch You' is being released February 19th is and is already making a stir as it climbs the UK Charts based on dowloads alone.

What's Woody's Latest Scoop”?

After more than 40 films to his credit, the creative genius proves he’s still in top form with one of his best films to date. “Scoop”, starring Scarlet Johansen, Hugh Jackman, and Allen himself, is storytelling at its finest. With the beautiful backdrop of London and the beautiful, talented co-stars at his disposal, director Allen makes the most of an already wonderful script.

Breaking The Myth

From a small house atop a snow-capped mountain in Norway, my eyes were torn from the picturesque view of the city below, by the flash of unsettling television images in the room. As the television coverage was in Norwegian, and I have only a limited grasp of the language at best, I struggled to understand what the crowds of protestors shown in cities throughout Europe were demonstrating against. War? Terror attacks? Labor Strikes? Taxes? No, sadly, it was the coverage of U.S. President Bush spreading his message of peace and unity throughout Europe this week.

Does Socialism work in Education?

Education is the basis for society, the thoughts one has, and what one does with their life.  One question one must ask is who should get education?  Does Socialism work in Education?  In careful examination of the definition of socialism and the socialistic educations in both Norway and America, one may conclude it is the implementation of the socialist practices, the affect on people’s view of the education system.

Queen of Pop

You voted and the Queen of Pop is Kylie Minogue.  She has just finished her Showgirl Homecoming Tour (whose London’s dates sold out in 6 minutes) and she is also set to release a new album this year.

Console Wars

The war has started, and the machines have been released.  Who is the best equipped and who will win?  We are taking about game consoles, namely the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360.  We look at the ups and down of each console in a comparison of every detail.

Welcome Back Kylie!

Kylie Minogue is back, having now performed two shows in Sydney, Australia.  She is set to perform 18 more this year in her native Australia, then 12 in the UK next year.   Not only is Kylie back performing, but her 'Ultimate Kylie' album released in December 2004 is back in the Australian Charts (ARIA) at number 8.

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