Kylie's 20 Years!

Friday August 3rd 2007, marks a historic point in Kylie's music career.  20 Years ago on July 27th 1987 her debut single 'Locomotion' was released in Australia.  A week later on the 3rd it entered the Australian Charts peaking at #1 for seven weeks.  It was an event that caused her to sign with PWL Records in London and produce 20 years of music!

Live Earth

On July 7th 2007 millions tuned in to watch a set of global concerts featuring prominent artists in attempt to raise awareness of climate change.  The concerts were political and about encouraging people to change their own lives to be more environmentally friendly.

Revolutionary Phone?

I'm sure you must have heard about the iPhone by Apple.  Some of you might be interested in the phone that is said to change the telecoms industry.  But is the iPhone truely revolutionary or just plain hype?

Windows Vista More Secure

Windows Vista is more secure than other modern operating systems according to new research.  Security expert Jeff Jones released a report comparing the first six months of several recent operating systems.  What suprised me most was how well Windows XP also did compared to various flavours of Linux and Apple's OS X.

Israel? The Six-Day War!

On June 5th 1967 the Israeli Air Force launched a surprise attack on Egypt, drawing the entire region into the third Arab-Israeli War.  The resulting Israeli victory and control of Gaza, Sinai, Golan, and the West Bank changed and charged the region.  June 5th 2007 marks 40 years from that day, shall we go back and dive into the real facts surrounding the conflict.

Driven to Extremes!

Has your technology failed you?  Have you attempted to get it fixed?  Perhaps you've run into poor customer service.  Maybe your product has been repaired only to fail again and again and again.  Will you be driven to extremes?

Welcome to the New startBlue

Welcome to the all new  On the 20th of April, GOWAFG will cease to exist and the services, articles, reviews, games, and forums you have used thru will now be operated thru  In addition our services have changed to better serve you.

Push The Controversy!

There is nothing like controversy to restart your career, especially if your career is in the music industry.  One Israeli band couldn't be happier with controversy after Finnish officials balked at their song "Push the Button", Israel's entry into Eurovision 2007.

Kylie Shock at G-A-Y!

Dannii Minogue launched her new album, The Hits & Beyond, at G-A-Y June 10th 2006 performing her new single 'So Under Pressure' amongst her older hits.  The single was released June 12th and her album was released June 19th 2006.

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