Future of Pride

What is Pride and what is the future of a phenomenon that has helped bring forth rights for a minority stripped of them.  Pride is a chance to be who you are and to express yourself.  It is a time to see messages of hope and a time to cheer them on.  It is also sadly a time to see protestors and see why we must keep fighting.

Turning 60!

Israel is turning 60 years old and celebrations are taking part in Israel and across the Jewish World.  Who would have thought on May, 14 1948 that in 60 years Israel would be were it is.  A nation of over 7 million people, a strong army, a strong economy, and described as high tech.  But most importantly that it would have peace with its neighbors Egypt and Jordan.

Microsoft helps evolve gaming!

Gaming is being evolved thanks to Microsoft's XNA Game Studio.  For the first time, amateur developers can create games and put them on a gaming console, Microsoft's Xbox 360.  Also announced is the future capability to bring such games to the Zune, a portable media player.

Religion of Hate?

A Christian Church has decided to picket Heath Ledger's funeral. Calling him a pervert for his role as a gay cowboy in the movie Brokeback Mountain. It begs the question, is Christianity a religion of hate?

X is Out

Kylie Minogue's 10th studio album has landed and you can pick your copy of the fabulous diverse album from our FlyKM Shop or your local music sellers.  The Album is out worldwide with the excpetion of America which should expect the album in February.

2 Hearts

Starting this Sunday you can download Kylie Minogue's brand new single.  It is from the amazingly diverse album X, Kylie's 10th studio album.  The single has taken the video and radio charts by storm in the UK, Europe, and Australia.   '2 Hearts' is glam electro rock, written and produced by Kish Muave.

New Zune

The new Zunes proves Microsoft can do things right.  The original Zune™, a portable audio player, launched in November 2006 and had a 30GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).  The new Zunes which arrive in November 2007 will include a 4GB and 8GB Flash Memory Model and a larger 80GB HDD Model.

Console Wars Heat Up!

The three consoles are still in it for the long run, but the Console Wars have just heated up!  The Microsoft Xbox 360 still in lead at around 12 million consoles sold worldwide!  Nintendo's Wii sits at around 9 million consoles and Sony's PlayStation3 at around 4 million consoles.  But now both Sony and Microsoft have change their lineup and prices in effort to draw more customers into the battle.

Hot, Hot, and Hotter!

Global Warming, as scientists call it, is still a non agreed threat.  Some say that there is no evidence to prove the world is permanently heating up.  However, there is evidence that the world is hotter today then it was 50 years today.  So what is missing?  Is it a difference between those who choose to give up luxury to protect the environment and those who refuse to?

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