The Face of Australia

She has been called Australia's biggest export.  She has been called the face of Australia.  She is Australia's biggest selling artist and now she has been inducted in to the ARIA Hall of Fame during the Australian Record Industry Association awards on Sunday November 27th 2011.

Democracy And Evangelicals

I read a lot of articles every week.  I make it my business to be informed both with those whom I generally agree with but even more so those that I don’t agree with.  Even so every once in a while an article shocks me so much that I feel no alternative but to respond.

Proud Of New York

It has been a week since I was so nervous.  Alot of us were, we had been waiting close to a week.  The New York Senate was already suppose to be in recess.  Thursday June 23rd 2011 had gone, and nothing.  I was getting really nervous.

Windows Phone 7

A year ago Microsoft decided its Windows Mobile platform was not good enough; it decided to scratch the whole platform and start afresh to better compete in the smartphone market.  Sure Windows Mobile was a breakthrough product when it came out, but it relied on technologies of yesterday that in all honestly gave Microsoft no other option.

Album of the Year: Aphrodite

The music album of the year for me was easy.  It hit number on the UK charts, has spun off a world tour and has brought the clubs dancing.  I’ve always been a dance music fan, and this artist is known for her dance music.

Car of the Year: BMW 1 Series

Readers in the UK voted the BMW 1 Series the best car overall in the 2010 poll from What Car Magazine.  And I couldn’t agree more.  Not a single user gave less than 4 out of 5 stars for the car.  It is a brilliant car to drive, a car that is built for driving pleasure and puts smiles on people’s faces.

Can Banking Get Any Worse?

You would think after the extremely exciting past few months that business would learn some ethics and perhaps more importantly the banking industry would learn to focus on long term profits, ethical practices and just smart business.