Insignia IS-LCDTV32 LCD TV

The Insignia IS-LCDTV32 is a Liquid Crystal Display TV that is HD Ready with an high WXGA Resolution.  At the lower end of the price scale, I found this totally black television to be stylish.  In store comparisons on picture quality promoted me to purchase this TV.  I had previously owned another LCD TV, that worked well except it was not High Definition (HD) nor did it handle dark scenes well.  This was very important to me, as well as the price.

I was very pleased with the quality of this television.  I hooked up the Insignia IS-HTIB102732 Home Theatre System using HD Component Video, and you could notice the increased quality on played DVDs.  TV quality was normal as I had not ordered HDTV yet.  The contrast and brightness of the LCD was great, with no problems watching dark scenes.

If you didn't have a home theatre system, the included SRS Virtual Surround gave you great listening, with 7W per speaker.  Wide 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles make every seat the best in the house.  This TV is really featured packed for a low price!

Update November 2006
The Insiginia IS-LCDTV32 has decided to quit working.  It will intermitently not turn, sometimes days at time without turning on.  I have request service from Best Buy (as Insignia is a BestBuy Company).  I have been waiting over 30 days for repair, and parts are on back-order for 28 more days.  Be advised the BestBuy Warranty means nothing in regard to Customer Care or Speed.  This warning may also apply to the following Insignia Products: NS-42PDP, INP4219, INC4218, NS-32LCD, and NS-27LCD.

Verdict: Do not buy Insignia products.

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  • Guest - Sue

    I bought this tv about 4 years ago but the problem started 2 years ago. I called Best Buy right away and they told me it's out if warranty so there's nothing that can be done. I out the tv on and sometimes it shuts right off. Then when it decides to turnI'll be watching it and the screen splits with snowy red green and yellow lines going through with a blue or red halo around the subject. It's so frustrating..

  • Guest - Kenneth Romero

    I bought mine three years ago and now it started giving me a half black and half working screen and then works after 20 minutes or an hour. Sent it in for repair and Insignia says screen is bad and too another one! What a piece of shhhhhh.

  • Guest - Bennett

    Damn...... Best Buy has tricked us all, You would have thought Best Buy product would be the best or at least compete with the name brand products out there, but this ins\'t the case here. My TV just recently began to shut off on it\'s own and currently more frequently. So immediately i rush to the blogs to see any reviews, boy o boy I had no clue so many people were having issue with insignia. I feel like the MTV show PUNKED...I feel Best Buy Punked me into buying their brand with the sales pitch they teach their worker\'s, o yeah insignia is great and by the way it\'s a best buy product which means best buy back their product 100%, It\'s a great quality TV people purchase insignia over thee other brands all the time. YEAH I was in for a treat, I actually thought I got my money\'s worth. Best Buy has started a movement I encourage everyone to file a complant with Best Buy, we the consumer deserve the right to be told the truth about things we purchase, not a lie to get our hard earn money. POWER TO THE CONSUMER..........

  • Guest - sara

    I bought an Insignia 47" LCD and purchased the extended warranty trough Best BUy.
    They lied to me and when I started having problems with it (it kept shocking me, not turn on/off sound and video quality deriorated fast), they never returned my calls.
    I know they recalled the 26" because of similar problems, does someone have to get hurt before they change their business practices?
    I will sue, if anyone else wants to in California let's do it and teach them a lesson.


    Comment last edited on about 2 years ago by LJKelley
  • Guest - josh g

    i bought my insignia tv couple months ago. no problems yet with it but i will tell you now that id never buy one again. the screen looks to be warping in the top corners bec i saw like black shadow looking deal. i have to say next tv will be well known brand like sony. damn shouldve done more researching :/ lesson learned

  • Guest - sam handly ,,,

    this is the worth tv. i ever had ,, i have been waitting 5 days ,, and the light still blue but it`s all black ... first it use to take around 15n min`s to turn on .

  • Guest - Sherry4442

    What I did was take Best Buy to small claims. They had to pay me the cost of the TV plus the service fee for them to come out and tell us that it would cost over $1,000.00 to fix. At least with Small Claims you don\'t have to split the settlement.

  • Guest - David

    Maybe all that bought this lousy product, like myself should just drop it off in the front of best buy during Christmas rush.

  • Guest - Greg

    I went up to best buy and bought a 24\" inch flat screen lcd tv and came home, plugged it in and the picture works. The bad thing is that the sound skips... I cannot understand most of the channels which is really frustrating. I brought it back and got the same one which was a big mistake because it\'s doing the same exact thing. I recommend to never goto best buy to buy a tv, especially Insignia and we do need to file a complaint or something because this is not right!!

  • Guest - Kimmy

    My tv will not come on I have an Insignia all I hear is clicking please tell me what to do

  • Guest - Amy hiatt

    Where\'s the law suit??? All of us have exact same problems. Best buy stealing our money at tine we purchase tv, then when we pay high dollar to thier geek squad just to look at problem and then tack on more charges to repair it. Where\'s the justice???, can anyone give me some direction? Thank you, Amy hiatt

  • Guest - Lisa

    Just got mine for Xmas this past Dec (2010)\'s already started doing some weird stuff. It\'ll be on a channel and then start skipping like a stuck CD, then TV cuts off all by itself. Sometimes it wont turn back on. Other times, I\'ll try to turn the channel and the channel box display will stay on say 12 while I\'m changing to other channels. Lastnight was the worse I\'ve ever seen. It would just keep skipping; shut off. When I tried to turn back on, it would just keep doing it over and over and over. Calling Best Buy today....I do have some 2 year warranty on it....we\'ll see what happens. Surprised how many websites/blogs are out there that are dissatisifed with Insignia! Not a good feeling! Especially when this is my first flat screen. My parents got it for me to replace the FLOOR MODEL I was still watching! LOL!

  • Guest - Sherry

    What everyone should do is small claims. That is what I did when they wouldn\'t fix mine. I will let everyone know how it comes out. Just think if everyone filed a small claims on them maybe they will change the policy. (right)

  • Guest - Brett

    I bought an Insignia 3 years ago. I heard a crack sound and my TV just shut off with no warning. It worked great and all of a sudden the picture isn\'t there. This is BS. I think there should a law suit for sure. Somebody needs to do something about this.

  • Guest - robert abruzzese

    had for over 2 years and then shadows started creeping from corner then almost 1/3 of screen,had no choice but to deal with it. but just a few days ago the same thing everyone else says it wont turn on,makes popping/clicking noise and off and on and off but will not stay on.Biggest ripoff ever.There should be a lawsuit!

  • Guest - chad

    fuck best buy and insignia

  • Guest - Sherry

    We purchased a 42\" Insignia 2 1/2 years ago, we didn\'t buy the extended warranty because TV\'s are suppose to last more than 2 1/2 years. When we turn it on half the picture is black, it took a while for it to be clean, now when we turn it on it doesn\'t clear at all it has lines running thru it and we can\'t see anything on it. How many people are will to do a class action law suit?

  • Guest - Casey

    I of course got sucked into buying one of Best Buys 32\" Insignia LCD TV\'s for the guest bedroom. I would say that it lasted almost two years but that would be irresponsible of me. It was turned on maybe only 40 times in the first 20 months. We moved it into our bedroom and used it as my primary bedroom TV (turning it on for a couple hours at night). That lasted only about 3 months because the picture died on it. Sound still works but no picture. Best Buy is a terrible unethical company, and to push a product they know doesn\'t work, is shameful. Unfortunately they are still in business. They are the Wal-Mart of electronics, lots of variety of cheap products.

  • Guest - Kita

    Bought.a 42 in insignia stopped working after 3 months this is bullshit. I have 3 kids and no money to waste! !!!

  • Guest - Kita

    I brought a 42 in insignia after 4 months it want come. On this is. Bullshi I have 3 kids and no money to waste!!!!!

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