Nokia Lumia - Conclusion

Well what conclusion do I come to? Well I'm very excited about these new phones. But i'm not alone. The Nokia Lumia 800 is already lighting charts on fire becoming one of the best selling phones in Europe.  Analysts expect over a million sales by the end of 2011.  But its only the start.  Rome wasn't built in a day, even the iPhone took until well past is second generation to truely become a hit.  The Nokia Lumia is truely that start for Windows Phone with a unprecedent marketing blitz in Europe.  Analysts are confident that Windows Phone will best the iPhone in sales by atleast 2015.

But should you buy a Nokia Lumia?  Yes.

Windows Phone brings to the table the first UI revolution since the original Windows and Apple Lisa inspired GUIs.  It is extremely easy to use but brings powerful integrated features well beyond what iPhone and Android offer.  So easy that Microsoft is betting Windows 8 on the Metro UI.  Take that with stellar Nokia hardware and you having a winning combination.  In fact our chart shows that Lumia easily beats the iPhone.  And with the fastest growing app marketplace and Nokia's commitment to Windows Phone you can be assured of a future in a great ecosystem that includes Windows Live, Facebook, and Xbox.  Expect more Lumia's next year including the top of the line 900.

For now the Lumia 800 is on sale in Europe.  The 710 is expected to be launched in January 2012 on T-Mobile USA.  Both the 710 and 800 get broader release across the world in 2012.  The 900 is expected to be revealed at CES in January and is rumored to be 4.3" with front facing camera and LTE among other features.

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