X is Out

Kylie Minogue's 10th studio album has landed and you can pick your copy of the fabulous diverse album from our FlyKM Shop or your local music sellers.  The Album is out worldwide with the excpetion of America which should expect the album in February.

2 Hearts

Starting this Sunday you can download Kylie Minogue's brand new single.  It is from the amazingly diverse album X, Kylie's 10th studio album.  The single has taken the video and radio charts by storm in the UK, Europe, and Australia.   '2 Hearts' is glam electro rock, written and produced by Kish Muave.

Kylie's 20 Years!

Friday August 3rd 2007, marks a historic point in Kylie's music career.  20 Years ago on July 27th 1987 her debut single 'Locomotion' was released in Australia.  A week later on the 3rd it entered the Australian Charts peaking at #1 for seven weeks.  It was an event that caused her to sign with PWL Records in London and produce 20 years of music!

Live Earth

On July 7th 2007 millions tuned in to watch a set of global concerts featuring prominent artists in attempt to raise awareness of climate change.  The concerts were political and about encouraging people to change their own lives to be more environmentally friendly.

Push The Controversy!

There is nothing like controversy to restart your career, especially if your career is in the music industry.  One Israeli band couldn't be happier with controversy after Finnish officials balked at their song "Push the Button", Israel's entry into Eurovision 2007.

Kylie Shock at G-A-Y!

Dannii Minogue launched her new album, The Hits & Beyond, at G-A-Y June 10th 2006 performing her new single 'So Under Pressure' amongst her older hits.  The single was released June 12th and her album was released June 19th 2006.

Catch You

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a mixture of pop, indie, and disco.  Refreshing, Electro, and Pure Pop are words that can describe her music.  Her first ablum reached #2 in the UK, and now is set to release her third ablum entitled 'Trip the Light Fantasic' in May.  Her single 'Catch You' is being released February 19th is and is already making a stir as it climbs the UK Charts based on dowloads alone.

Queen of Pop

You voted and the Queen of Pop is Kylie Minogue.  She has just finished her Showgirl Homecoming Tour (whose London’s dates sold out in 6 minutes) and she is also set to release a new album this year.

Welcome Back Kylie!

Kylie Minogue is back, having now performed two shows in Sydney, Australia.  She is set to perform 18 more this year in her native Australia, then 12 in the UK next year.   Not only is Kylie back performing, but her 'Ultimate Kylie' album released in December 2004 is back in the Australian Charts (ARIA) at number 8.

Cher: 2005 & Beyond

As the only woman in history to have a US #1 in the 1960's, 70's, 80's, and 90's; Cher is a legend, a diva.  With a breath taking career, she still has not said her last farewell!  Upon commencing her "Living Proof/Farewell Tour 2002", who would have though that it will still be going?  The Farewell Tour 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 is amazing, selling out its seats on every show, with over 250 shows of the Farewell show already shown.